Cannabis Ventures Inc

i) Signed on with GreenGro Technologies (GRNH) to provide all equipment and design services for its grow facilities.
ii) Signed an exclusive agreement with TriCor Mechanical to design, build and consult for all of Cannabis Ventures Inc’s grow facilities worldwide.
iii) Cannabis Ventures Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary Gala Global, Inc (GLAG).
iv) Cannabis Ventures Inc has applied for a MMJ license in Sechelt, Canada and if approved, parent company Gala Global, Inc (GLAG) plans to dual-list on the Canadian Exchange.
v) Finalizing clearances as of April, 2016.


Cannabis Ventures Inc is in negotiations with numerous Indian tribes to produce cannabis and hemp products in Indian territory based on the new guidelines given to tribes by the federal government. Also we are planning to take advantage of the new language that was introduced by the “Farm Bill” that allows for more state control over the production of hemp and it’s by products.