About us

Cannabis Ventures is refocusing it’s energies toward the commercialization of cannabis and Hemp -based products along side the dynamic legal environment associated with this industry. We are in numerous negotiations with tribal nations to take advantage of the new laws permitted to them via the new cannabis recommendations in Indian country . Cannabis Ventures Inc  is currently in the process of obtaining multiple hemp licenses in various states as a part of our goal of being one of the leaders in this industry. (CVI) was organized for the purpose of developing leading scientific processing to cultivate a bio-medical grade Cannabis plant featuring a higher concentration Cannabidiol (CBD) value with natural healing powers. The team along with expert consultants which have specific expertise in pharmaceutical sciences (medicinal chemistry of natural products) and herbal pharmacology. Cannabis Ventures plans to supply the medical marijuana market along with alternate medicinal supply for global market for highly enriched plant concentration of Cannabidiol and THC.

Cannabis Ventures approach in cultivating hemp CBD-enhanced variety of strains and creating the finest, highest-quality bio medical and food-grade CBD plants in the world through advance technologies. This will be achieved through plant development and licensing specific new plant strains along with specialty techniques and organic (GRAS list) ionized micronutrients which assist in boosting the plant natural immune properties that is NON-GMO. This technology approach along with specialty greenhouse systems allows CVI to develop higher yields along with creating a healthy plant that is resistant to plant diseases once we get a licenses to do so.

CBD has through anecdotal research shown great promise over an extraordinary variety of pathologies which CVI plans to become recognized quality producer. Treatments using Cannabis/Hemp is shown to be effective in relieving symptoms of a wide range of critical conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections, neurological disorders, and muscular dystrophy. The treatment also aids in chemotherapy side effects to control nausea and vomiting.